Antique jewellery is a finite resource and it is becoming increasingly hard to source highly fine samples. We are proud of our collection , which we feel represents the very best antique jewelry from across the ages.

Our pieces come from West India worn by Banjara, Rabari and Kaveliyas, nomadic tribes of farmers, dancers and camel keepers; real Romaní people.

Our jewelry is from jeweler castes of more than three generations with more than 50 years of experience working by hand with old Sterling Silver 925, under no circumstances will you find any reproductions unless stated dearly, all our items are in very good conditions and 100% original and free from enhancements. Some of the pieces are more than 100 years old.

We are a German-Based family and our headquarters are in India. We have created this global company, to help artisans and families of jewelers that have been creating and collecting these pieces for many years, just for you to have them now.


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