Important things about a Virtual Data Professional

Virtual info provider enables one to connect to exterior data options at runtime to make certain data found in an environment without having to physically repeat it into Dataverse. This is especially useful for circumstances where you would like to reference expert data coming from an outside origin but at this time there may not be a purpose to keep it synchronized with the program.

To build a virtual info provider you create a fresh plugin set up and a fresh InfoProvider that sources the connect to. The InfoProvider this article incorporates the BEx query which is used to access the data, and the logical identity that specifies the desk to obtain. The digital data professional is activated when the BEx query can be executed and sends the characteristic options to an external system. The non-SAP program then processes the choices and exchanges the data to the BW OLAP engine.

The virtual data provider is actually a flexible approach to pass attribute selections to an external data source but it surely requires more time and effort to produce and maintain considering that the query expression must be translated and the external system refined. However , it offers the flexibility of modifying the database composition and can support more complex calculations.

Another advantage of using a VDR is that the applications are highly customizable and harmonizes with most operating systems and devices. Furthermore, it has many data storage area options and multiple global computers. Depending on your business needs, you are able to choose the info hosting site that is good for you and select a pricing insurance policy that matches your financial budget.

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